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Pretty mad right now d
Not sure if I should be angrier at myself or at my wife.
>be me
>be in thread on d
>be using my iPad
>take screen on lolsy (honest) comment I made and also of a few replies.
>have had numerous fights in the past with my Mrs going through my phones, emails, she finally seemed to have learned
>never discussed her going through my iPad but it's kind of a no brainer, right?
>be me last night
>open up iPad and it is sitting open to photos with the screen I took of the aforementioned post I had made.
>she messaged me about it in pic related.
I'm really over her going through my stuff, so I guess trips or 69 is what I reply.
Also we have a baby together so I'm not going to break up over it so no expletitives in reply please, just something lolsy.

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