File: st,small,215x235-pad,210x(...).jpg (210x230 - 7KB)

Why do I feel like I'm lacking an important component of what it means to be human? Am I to assume there is something wrong with me or is there something wrong with conventional definitions? Is the individual greater than its scientific analogue?

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File: page01.jpg (920x1301 - 254KB)

For each dubs, ill post 2 more pages. For trips, 3 more pages.

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File: 161_1000.jpg (1000x750 - 77KB)

My gf got exposed by her ex husband. I love the pics so much so now i gonna share her! https://imig.es/c/HMa3ZYC

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File: IMG (89).jpg (1196x2048 - 147KB)
IMG (89).jpg

short hair bread

168 107
File: Personal+051.jpg (640x480 - 144KB)

Ever walk in on someone who was passed out from too much liquor and had the smarts to take off their clothes for you?
All I can say is THANK YOU!

Bigger girl, but she answered all my questions.

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File: randy twig arms.jpg (606x453 - 41KB)
randy twig arms.jpg

r8 my guns d

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File: Mh99VXX.png (687x855 - 452KB)

I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, and I don't do drugs. I don't have any sexually transmitted diseases. I have never been married before in my entire life. I don't have any tattoos on my body. I don't wear nose rings, lip rings, or tongue rings. I don't wear artificial nails or nail polish. I don't wear contact lenses. I don't go to parties, bars, or clubs. I don't grind on guys or drop it down low and bring it up slow. I don't twerk or swing on poles. I don't wear thongs. I don't strip or give guys lap dances. I don't call guys on the phone to have phone sex. I am not a gold digger. I don't make out with guys in public. I don't rough play with guys. I don't wear high heel shoes and revealing clothes with an intention of getting guys to check me out. I like to dress decent like a lady because I respect myself. I don't follow the crowd or try to fit in. I like to follow my own lead and stand out anong my peers. I don't hang around bad friends. I am not pressured by my peers because I know right from wrong and I try to stay out of trouble. I remained true to myself. I like myself just the way I am. I will never change myself for anyone. I am not materialistic and I wear what I can afford. I am content with what I have. I know that I have made the right choices in my life.

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File: sc.jpg (720x1280 - 69KB)

Which girl do you think is the most attractive and why?

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File: 1514456424122.jpg (3456x5184 - 758KB)

Can I get pussies like this?

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File: 4ea7f7c7da347d1e585a6a027(...).jpg (414x624 - 51KB)

Flat justice thread

25 19
File: Screenshot_20180119-085053.jpg (1419x1000 - 397KB)

Hey d post jail bait on this thread

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File: C2HHtshWgAEnwZo.jpg (1065x796 - 146KB)

It's my brothers wedding tomorrow and I gotta get/make a gift. Dubs decides.

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File: 6.gif (493x328 - 1692KB)



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File: 378F1110-CFDA-4BF0-9C0A-0(...).png (235x214 - 8KB)

Why cant this soul sucking demon from the nightosphere be real?

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File: 1516389227070.jpg (666x949 - 414KB)

Gerlz/women with braces?

Pic totally not related.

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