File: 1496165262888.jpg (541x720 - 98KB)

You're given God powers.
You get to change, implement or take away 10 things from Earth.

What do you choose?

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File: 1494091467912.jpg (1431x1409 - 244KB)

Bathroom mirror sluts. Post 'em all!

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File: michigan-featured-image.png (1149x1179 - 96KB)

Michigan Thread!

319 95
File: sic-ohio.jpg (280x325 - 15KB)

Ohio biatches. Akron area would be sweet but all are welcome

288 131
File: EFA2566E-6FA9-4E3C-B2F0-4(...).jpg (2644x1759 - 1001KB)

>post your battle stations
get on my level plebs

309 81
File: pic1.jpg (1319x1600 - 1031KB)

Which of these 3 pics is best?

86 24
File: heyhoneyimhome.jpg (735x700 - 78KB)

You ylyl you loose therad!


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File: 7659.jpg (956x959 - 57KB)

>leave your bedroom
>see this
>she says "where'd you think you're going, loser?"
>what do?

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File: 1494018389340.webm (1280x720 - 964KB)

No rekt thread? Rekt thread

326 121
File: joking.jpg (1024x683 - 102KB)

What is your go-to joke?

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File: 1491851162420.jpg (546x619 - 22KB)

Can we get a depression thread? I'm feeling rly down in the gutter atm :/

>be 22
>college drop out
>no job
>no ambition
>social anxiety to the max
>constant looming fear
>anti social
>afraid to leave home sometimes
>can't look anyone in the face during convos
>come from broken home
>dad left when I was 12
>mom's a drunk
>cry myself to sleep most nights
>suffer from depression
>afraid to take drugs or drink
>bit of a prude I guess

I just hate being alone..why is life so shit?

I just wish I had friends to talk too. I would give out skype but I stopped using it because whenever I do, ppl pretend to be nice to me then flash cock

I'm not much of a gamer but if anyone wants to add me on steam that would be cool


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File: autism.jpg (1241x1353 - 226KB)

Well, about three months from yesterday I told you faggots I was inline to inherit about 580 billion dollars from my hot great grandaughter who molested me as a kid.
After a good lengthy amount of legal shit and signing papers and waiting for shit, it's official. I am one of the richest posters on d.

A lot of you were begging for shit from me last time, but now shit is settled and i may just make some dreams come true right now

First to roll quads gets $50,000

101 6
File: 0Gvrnwy.jpg (2049x1371 - 226KB)

New celeb thread

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File: bdayboy.png (302x497 - 73KB)

Who digboy/ here?
>be 26 year old neet
>today's my birthday
>go to Burger King for lunch
>don't have to spend GBP 'cause it's my birthday
>get 3 10 piece nuggets for 1.49 each and 2 things of tendies fries
>want more but self concious of what the cashier would think so make mom get me a whopper and some more chicken fries and some normal fries
>we leave and go home
>on the way we pass by a McDonald's, I tell her I need to use the restroom so we stop there
>ask if I can get an ice cream cone since it's my birthday
>all she has is a 50 so she tells me to give her the change
>walk into mcdicks
>order 3 Big Macs (they aren't really that big) 3 large fries, 3 large cokes (the Big Macs fries and cokes come in a combo meal), and 20 McNuggets
>get back to the car and say sorry
>realize I didn't get an ice cream
>run back in and get one
>eat the whole way home while listening to my mom bitch at me
>get home, grab a bag of Fritos to eat while I wait for my popcorn to pop
>bring the rest of the Fritos and the popcorn upstairs to eat while I browse dscuz
>in an hour I'll be going to Red Robin for my birthday dinner

21 5
File: Snapchat-1465563503.jpg (720x1280 - 190KB)

any medfags know what's going on with my foot
basically I've had thick skin on the back of my heel, usually gets worst when I've been walking for a while, today I peeled some of this skin off and now I have a fucking hole in my heel, it doesn't burn or anything, I just feel like pulling all the skin off my foot

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