File: Pranknet.jpg (360x276 - 16KB)


Are they still around in any form?

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File: Screenshot_20180102-070251.jpg (1080x494 - 119KB)

Stupid people thread.

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File: 135997543718.jpg (1200x1944 - 323KB)

girls you want more of

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File: 173_1488119483646.jpg (1440x810 - 48KB)

Pics u shouldn't share cont. cont.

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File: 1464467103275.jpg (641x773 - 57KB)

>you will never find love
it hurts bros, please hold me

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File: IMG_20180119_223400_675.jpg (720x653 - 88KB)

More like this

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File: wRhB22i.jpg (800x1200 - 200KB)

Are you able to change what you are attracted to?

My sex life is shit because I am only attracted to one type of female: Small tits with a very petite body. They are hard to come by at my age but I can't even get hard with anything else.

Should I just take Viagra and start fucking chicks I am not attracted to? Will it ever fix me?

Pic related: Favorite Pornstar, Sensi Pearl.

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File: 1501001966016.png (1264x649 - 1427KB)

What a time to be alive......


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File: Partial Arts.webm (460x258 - 1371KB)
Partial Arts.webm

im so fucking tired of it all
im going to end it all and off myself
for fucks sake i hate the word, d was my only home and now you niggers have fucked that up too
fuck you faggots

file unrelated

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File: are culture.png (320x401 - 213KB)
are culture.png

General Tattoo thread. Post your tats or tats u want done.

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File: kdhsh.png (255x170 - 9KB)

Há muitas traps neste país? Já alguma vez conheceram/fornicaram alguma?

Algum site onde seja fácil de encontrar umas para foder?

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File: 043.png (1104x927 - 87KB)

Does anywone have that meme of the amerimut, similar to this , with the amerimut grabbing a bible and saying something like- you see, the proof is right here in the bible?

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File: 1516243481409.jpg (832x1200 - 75KB)

So with the new sexrobots coming out and getting more media attention on how we're replacing women,
do you think this will help bring a new racial peace amongst men?

I mean all throughout history, women have been the cause of all of mens problems hands down.
So with them being obsolete now, how do you think this will have an effect on racial tension in the states?

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File: 15123765126312.jpg (1200x800 - 263KB)

>Walk into your bedroom
>You find a black man fucking your girlfriend/wife
Wat do?

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File: 40041548_614.jpg (614x461 - 21KB)

Quads and I'll show you what's inside.....

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