File: 18119005_657377887795417_(...).jpg (960x720 - 76KB)

Post your cars/source of income/age.


my cars:
-McLaren 570S
-Golf R
-Nissan GTR AMS (1200 HP)
-Nissan Rogue

Crypto investor and owner of 2 restaurants.

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File: Miranda_Cosgrove.jpg (1000x1114 - 343KB)

Do somebody have any new ghost-stories?

48 19
File: 1516207254519.jpg (587x522 - 53KB)

Hi d,

I've got 3k USD to invest into a coin that I will hold for a long time. Thinking of either ETH or NEO, or perhaps something totally different.

Been holding ETH since it was 300 so I already made some nice profits out of that.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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File: 1458177392260.gif (500x406 - 359KB)

I wish I don't wake up this time. What is your wish?

22 9
File: D7BE90BA-4FD9-4CEB-9D83-5(...).png (494x484 - 218KB)

I have gotten tinnitus
I am too young for this

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File: 1464188011045.jpg (768x1024 - 501KB)

Do women have it easier than men? In life in general.

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File: DDD654A0-FF2F-4D41-866A-E(...).png (750x1334 - 1499KB)

I got prom tonight, please vote for deez nuts as prom king

Picture unrelated

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File: 1506315445333s.jpg (250x196 - 7KB)

got 200 bucks dont know what to buy. give me neat shit on amazon to blow my money on

9 2
File: 10351474_899992543426415_(...).jpg (960x960 - 79KB)

I went to a tabledance bar for the first time last weekend. Alone and had a blast. I know the women only do it for the money but everyone has some intention so i dont really mind.

Spend about 100€ and drank 3 beer, got a 20 min lapdance and watched naked attractive girls for hours.

Should i try a prostitute next?
Dont really mind the money. Chasing attractive(!) girls is may more exhausting for me.

25/3 GFs in my life
its not that i could not get any girls its just that the decent ones are unreasonably high maintenance...

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File: image01-19-18 11-09-51.jpg (589x1334 - 151KB)
image01-19-18 11-09-51.jpg

>Bubble Thread

Christ I have the mother of all hangovers. Feeling charitable to you ditches, I've done this before so ground rules:

I'm no pro don't expect a miracle. I'm going for speed not quality.

I can only go so fucking fast chill the fuck out Captchas are fucking annoying

Skimpy bikinis work best which should go without saying but since this is d I assume that you are all retarded

Any other bubblers feel free to help out please use an identifying color I have been using an off white or light gray

I will group the ones I'm working next. I encourage other bubble bros to do the same. If no other bubble bros join in I'll do them sequentially.

If I can't do it I'm not going to try

I'll do it until the image limit or the thread dies and then I shall rest. I'll save any leftovers and put them up whenever I start a new thread.

Thick straps and oddly hanging strings make this method hard

I can't shoop shorts cause big ugly patches of color

If you don't like my work then fuck you If you could do it you wouldn't bring it to me

How about a little fucking gratitude toward anyone who fills your request we don't bubble you're waifus for our benefit

Anything involving a girl wearing socks will get priority attention from me

Please don't feed the trolls.

Enough foreplay lets do this.

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File: freckles.jpg (761x1014 - 846KB)

freckles are hot

26 14
File: IMG_7913.jpg (538x535 - 43KB)

Anyone got the green text about the kid who has a mom with massive titties and things get raunchy?

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File: FB_IMG_1488218262966.jpg (640x621 - 36KB)

Ask a guy who just a cystoscopy this morning anything.

Bored as hell,and will answer unrelated questions as well.

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File: 1_2.jpg (1280x965 - 206KB)

ITT: We post erotic fan fiction ideas and hope someone writes it

Bebop and Rocksteady intend to rape Irma and April from the 80's TMNT cartoon, but Irma and April are so horny that they turn the tables on them and fuck Bebop and Rocksteady into tired submission.

(Feel free to change it and make the story darker if that's what you're into.)


https://youtu.be/qfxbqdshFxw?t=190 3:10 (This episode is a good example between April and Irma interactions)

Either way, I hope somebody here writes it.

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File: turia6.jpg (728x744 - 371KB)

How hard is it to get a girl? Never had the courage to proceed sexually with one but pic related lands a 9/10 man and gets kids

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