File: IMG-20171109-WA0015.jpg (628x597 - 33KB)

You kek you laugh

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ITT God tier video games

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Trump says his tax plan will “hurt the rich”. He gets a billion dollar tax cut.


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I've realized video games have been a major impedance on my life.
Last night in a drunken stupor I took a look in the mirror, ejected the disc from my Xbox1, put it up and scrawled this on my arm, as a reminder.
I have an addictive personality and video games exploit that part of me...
I'm done.
I wanna be a knowledgeable man...
I'm starting with paradise lost.

I just turned 30, so I'm finding myself in a transitional space.

What do you guys think about this?

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Cringe bread, fb cringe preferred

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>Ask pretty girl's number in joking way
>Figure I failed and play it off as I was kidding
>Laughs, writes it down and and chases me down to give it to me a few minutes later
>Text her next day "hey anonette, it's Anon"
>"Hi Anon!!!!!! :] "We should meet up for a coffee next week, how's your schedule look?"
No reply. EVER
This shit happens almost every time! I have no problem getting numbers, which means they must obviously be somewhat interested in me. So why is it I almost always immediately get ghosted?!
>Has this happened to you fags?

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File: 1493179398001.webm (1000x798 - 750KB)

Things you've done that nobody will believe.
And, go.

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File: IMG_5089.jpg (650x650 - 40KB)

Go to inspirobot.me and share your results here

I personally feel inspired

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File: AKGmMMI.jpg (640x417 - 57KB)

What's his name d?

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File: Kaley Cuoco .jpg (596x834 - 172KB)
Kaley Cuoco .jpg

Post your best boob-pic.
Nude boobs.
Clothed boobs.
Big boobs.
Small boobs.
Celebrity boobs.
Anonymous boobs.
Flappy boobs.
Pointy boobs.
Any boobs.
Just as long as it is your best boob-pic.
This K C pic is my boob favourite. Don't judge me.

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File: 1510188460247.png (562x684 - 527KB)

Homemade Asians

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File: 482963f720fde993dba7aa3c8(...).jpg (736x642 - 40KB)

Which is the best country and why is it Sweden? I'll tell you why.

>free healthcare
>be anyone and still be accepted
>free education
>metric system
>invented amazing things such as IKEA, Minecraft, Nobel Prize, ABBA, etc.
>are actually intelligent people

Anyone disagrees with me? Didn't think so, bitches.

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File: A72EF87F-2915-4A78-A44B-A(...).jpg (276x183 - 7KB)
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File: teen-girls-sucks-lollipop.jpg (852x1136 - 476KB)

Hey guys its me again.

I'm about to have sex for the first time with my girlfriend who happens to be a virgin and I'm scared out of my fucking mind right now about what to expect and if I'll get caught.

I herd that popping a cherry makes a loud noise, like a shotgun going off to warn family members of the sexual act being committed on their daughter.

I'm afraid of her family hearing it and come breaking thru the door to kick my ass.

Is there a way I can suppress this cherry pop? Would a condom help? Can I put a pillow between my dick and her pussy to muffle out the loud noise?

Help me out!

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File: 1420000929577.jpg (1920x1080 - 137KB)

anyone want credit card pics back and front

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