File: received_10212637092135298.jpg (2048x1158 - 151KB)

Wife and kid are out for the night, house to myself. Gonna take a tab or two of acid. Recommendations for a video game I play while tripping? Preferably something that will make some use of my gtx 1060.

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File: 1501417553468.png (882x758 - 17KB)

How do I forget about my ex d? We were together for 6 years, she found a silly excuse to break up with me just to be fucking around with another guy right away.

I feel like shit. I have no friends. She was my world. She was everything to me. I don't know any girls. I have no one. I felt like I was going to marry her. I'm 25... Help me d I'm dying.

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File: 357ac966-1ef2-45b3-a247-2(...).jpg (450x450 - 42KB)

Do you guys think this game will ever be emulated to PC? I can't afford to buy a Switch just for this one game but fuck it looks good, and Super Mario 64 is one of my all time favorite games.

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File: 1506462343200.png (646x595 - 304KB)

I've been high for more than 12 hours, this has never happened to me. What was the longest time you've been high d?

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File: memoverdose.png (248x199 - 29KB)

sup bros, i need some advice.
> be me, 18
> am going out with my 14 y/o cousin in 1 day
> he sed there will be girls he wants to impress
> asks me to buy achool to impress the girls
what do? i mean i dont wanna get introuble for giving alcholo to a minor but i also dont wanna be a guy that is restraining the fun of the night...
anny advice?

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File: moon.jpg (480x500 - 38KB)

What is your mental illness?

I have social phobia..

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File: 8D07D7E5-04A1-4195-A985-F(...).jpg (425x570 - 93KB)

Rolling for Iceland or Norway.

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File: sad-frog.jpg (227x222 - 14KB)

ITT: bad decisions thread...

there's this girl who would have given her left vagina flap to be my gf, and I dismissed her like she was a rotten pile of garbage. Now I wish I was with her ;_;

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File: 90DEFEF0-76B1-4B77-8737-9(...).jpg (686x675 - 123KB)

Trump says his tax plan will “hurt the rich”. He gets a billion dollar tax cut.


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File: 1510324807365.jpg (589x960 - 111KB)

Perfect looking women thread.

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File: cerealguy.gif (300x168 - 839KB)


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File: 17._Onion[1].jpg (530x600 - 31KB)

Story time

>be walking home from the store at 2am
>spot woman ahead of me, thought nothing of it
>i'm walking faster than her, eventually start to catch up to her
>she immediately starts speeding up as if she was in danger or something
>wtf? "I'm not a rapist" I told her.
>then she started running
>I'm wtf?
>So I give chase and finally catch up to her
>She started to fight with me and I told her it's ok I'm not a rapist, but she kept fighting
Eventually we we went to the floor, I had her under control
>I looked directly in the eye and said "I'm not a rapist"
>Then I raped her

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File: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720 - 94KB)

Headphones thread.

Want to get myself a new pair,
what does d recommend?

Been looking at:
> AKG K702
> Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
> Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
> Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Got any experience with these? Anything else?

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File: 1510309479262.jpg (790x593 - 59KB)

No rekt thread? Rekt thread.

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File: Tricia243-1.jpg (717x717 - 294KB)

Pics you want share of gf,ex,wife,friends girl etc.saved want more.

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