File: D7AF0422-FC79-4525-AAC2-B(...).jpg (1200x1800 - 293KB)

Do you think I could take this dude in a fight if he started shit? I’m the one on top (5’9” 170lbs) hes the one on bottom (6’0” 180lbs)

52 6
File: brainbow2.1.jpg (600x405 - 106KB)

I have a PhD in molecular biology with focus on stem cells. Ask me anything about the 10 years I wasted at university.

91 2
File: 000.jpg (640x640 - 77KB)

who wants to see her naked and sucking sock?

get trips

163 15
File: 1516098878104.jpg (800x1145 - 285KB)

How did society get more racist? I remember the 90s and early 2000s being pretty good in terms of these things. You had great black comedians. Actors. Charachters. I dont really remember much white guilt or such. And overall race wasn't as big of an issue.

So. Did we become more racist OR did some people broaden the meaning of racism. Only caring for the race and skin color rather than the individual.

Whats your take. And will race relations ever fix or get worse?

130 24
File: 2018-01-19-21-14-32.jpg (898x890 - 82KB)

What should I do with my life?
> Failing my college classes
> Can't get a girlfriend because I'm a skinny loser
> Studying economics but want to study mathematics or medicine
> Unmeasurable IQ according to Mensa's IQ test and the military IQ test (Raven)

I need help d

9 2
File: IMG_1007.jpg (2048x1492 - 570KB)

Posts must be poems
Well all except mine that is
Oh shit wait a sec....

12 1
File: IMG_1499.jpg (720x960 - 245KB)

UK girls

239 147
File: 29672120-3F5F-4731-80D5-B(...).jpg (607x1128 - 708KB)

Daughters thread. Post your daughter, answer questions about her. Also, general incest bread

282 86
File: WPuXN.gif (300x226 - 776KB)

Something about girls fighting each other gets me diamonds. More please.

15 5
File: 2dolls.jpg (2048x1366 - 851KB)

Post girls you had sex with in high school.

>right one, was very tight and got really wet very easily.

310 150
File: time.jpg (277x208 - 13KB)

If you had a machine that could stop time, what would d do?

85 13
File: prostitutionring.jpg (600x338 - 43KB)

Massage parlor stories please. I've been going for years, let me hear your best and worst experiences, or AMA.

27 3
File: IMG_8206.png (1242x2208 - 668KB)

Let's post stories and give advice over here. I have Tinder cheat codes on got 580+ matches and I am still struggling. I can't have a girlfriend right now because I travel a lot and don't come home often and when I do it sucks because I am here trying to get girls to become FWB but seems every girl wants to date. Maybe it's my approach? (1/2)

3 1
File: IMG_20180119_201522.jpg (1200x946 - 111KB)

Sooo... Where are you from Anon?

23 5
File: téléchargement (94).jpg (4032x3024 - 1867KB)
téléchargement (94).jpg

Do all girls masturbate, just not as much as men, d?

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