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I fucked up d

>be me 18
>have been depressed since 5 years
>two weekends ago: nobody wanted to hang out with me and I was bored. so I got drunk
>my younger sister saw me drunk alone in the afternoon.
>she tells my parents. I lie when they ask me.
>the week after, I try to take xanax. Only two times because why not?
>dad is medic, prescribed it by myself.
>days later, my sister took my phone and read all my chats
>tells my mother about xanax and that I want to die
>yesterday I saw the whole chat between mom and sister.
>fuck this
>tell my sister that I have taken xanax form a friend
>my mom wants to call cops to my firend

what the fuck should I do?
At least I don't want my dad know this

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