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I’ve been wondering if I actually have a chance of getting with this girl and if I do, is it a rebound

>be beta 6/10 kissless virgin
> Start college and make friends with 9/10 qt in 2 of my classes (later only 1)
>around December I realise I started to like her
>told her in February with no goals of getting with her cuz I knew she didn’t feel the same was
>she took it well and we stayed close friends
>figure out that I’ve completely fallen for her
>stayed close friends through the year
>few last weeks of the year
>some guy started to talk with her and eventually get together over summer
>we stopped talking (no real reason)
>few weeks into the relationship, she breaks up with guy who shall be referred to in pt 2 as ex
>after only a few weeks she gets with chad she liked for a while
>we start to talk more near start of 2nd year

To be continued

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