File: IMG_1180.jpg (401x597 - 42KB)

Norsk tråd - Norske nudes

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File: FunFunFun.jpg (748x558 - 96KB)


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File: IllinoisMapwithCapital.png (1600x2646 - 60KB)

Illinois nudes

202 77
File: nORMXEkYEbzkU5WkMWMgRDJwj(...).jpg (230x345 - 28KB)

God tier films

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File: Screenshot_20171111-022114.jpg (1439x1061 - 859KB)

Post cool/interesting/unusual things you own in this thread.

Here's some dinosaur poop to start the thread

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File: CLOEIno.jpg (1271x911 - 98KB)

Have u ever cheated on your gf without her knowing and ur still together?
If so, why did u cheat on her?

Im 28 but thinking about other pussy to fuck, is it worth throwing 4yrs relationship away?

94 0
File: 71e.jpg (607x451 - 42KB)

Bitcoin is crashing

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File: image.jpg (400x722 - 50KB)

Pretty mad right now d
Not sure if I should be angrier at myself or at my wife.
>be me
>be in thread on d
>be using my iPad
>take screen on lolsy (honest) comment I made and also of a few replies.
>have had numerous fights in the past with my Mrs going through my phones, emails, she finally seemed to have learned
>never discussed her going through my iPad but it's kind of a no brainer, right?
>be me last night
>open up iPad and it is sitting open to photos with the screen I took of the aforementioned post I had made.
>she messaged me about it in pic related.
I'm really over her going through my stuff, so I guess trips or 69 is what I reply.
Also we have a baby together so I'm not going to break up over it so no expletitives in reply please, just something lolsy.

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File: 20171110_154553.jpg (3264x1836 - 1669KB)

I need help, b. I'm tired of getting way too angry at the simplest things. Anger management wouldn't be thing. I have so much trouble controlling myself. I wish I was better than I am now. Pic just happened a few minutes ago
>Imb4 autism

33 1
File: 446745.jpg (363x418 - 19KB)

>27 years old virgin
>stutterer mf
>autistic with no social skill
>no friends since high school, never talked to a girl
>5-9 shift on minimum wage, living in a bilocal
>lost contact with parents, only see them during christmas
>still better than 90% of dscuz

8 1
File: pepe&fempepe.png (500x439 - 351KB)

I’ve been wondering if I actually have a chance of getting with this girl and if I do, is it a rebound

>be beta 6/10 kissless virgin
> Start college and make friends with 9/10 qt in 2 of my classes (later only 1)
>around December I realise I started to like her
>told her in February with no goals of getting with her cuz I knew she didn’t feel the same was
>she took it well and we stayed close friends
>figure out that I’ve completely fallen for her
>stayed close friends through the year
>few last weeks of the year
>some guy started to talk with her and eventually get together over summer
>we stopped talking (no real reason)
>few weeks into the relationship, she breaks up with guy who shall be referred to in pt 2 as ex
>after only a few weeks she gets with chad she liked for a while
>we start to talk more near start of 2nd year

To be continued

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File: 1510278068432.jpg (900x1200 - 128KB)

>walk into bathroom
>see this
What do you do?

43 10
File: LouisCK01.jpg (393x594 - 79KB)

What do you guys think? Did he do it? I don't understand how the whole system works but in one the reports it blatantly says she verbally consented at the time.

324 41
File: holy.jpg (500x353 - 16KB)

What film to watch? Go.

6 3
File: IMG_20171110_113854.jpg (1728x2880 - 620KB)

>be me
>went drinking last night
>be stupid and get vodka when everyone else got beers
>for all the drinking games I would just be chugging straight vodka
>get pretty drunk and end up falling off balcony, trying to tackle a deer, etc as our drunk challenges game fucks up
>go to sleep feeling happy and content
>wake up at 7 for class
>get up, look out window
>puke my guts out before sliding back into my bed and falling asleep
>wake up at 11ish
>look out window
>see this (pic related)
>what do? I feel fine so idk if the blood is a big deal.

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