File: Flag_of_Canada_(Pantone).svg.png (1200x600 - 18KB)

Canadian girls Rock PT. 2

168 58
File: the-last-jedi-theatrical-blog.jpg (1200x1777 - 706KB)

Luke died because Rey was being fucking edgy and the she decided to go with Kylo Ren
This was somehow even worse than Rogue One

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File: untitled3.png (612x612 - 583KB)

Will answer any questions about science you're too lazy to google.

[Extending from social sciences towards the physical sciences.]

216 12
File: Lord Humungus.jpg (658x370 - 124KB)
Lord Humungus.jpg

Dear White People. Your government no longer represents you.

They applaud your demographic annihilation.

They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation - and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to Blacks and Browns so they can outbreed you. (The government also gives billions of dollars to the Jewish state of Israel and other foreign governments and international organizations.)

They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into Third World-style war zones- courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

They import millions of Third Worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs. They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly Black-on-White crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few White-on- Black "crimes" (many of which are complete fabrications).

They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children's heads with feminist nonsense.

They threaten to disarm you because Blacks and Browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

(((They))) want you DEAD, and your history and bloodline ERASED.

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File: 1509260903434.jpg (800x1120 - 161KB)

You wake up in a different bedroom, and in a much larger bed than your own, next to this handsome stallion.

He says "Good morning Anon, you were fantastic last night." In a loving tone.

What do you do?

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File: IMG_9944.png (300x300 - 12KB)

Snap Thread? Last one 404d

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File: fuckme.jpg (600x800 - 87KB)

So this fucking cunt cheated on me and pretty much fucked up my life. I know you are not my army but please, fuck hers up a bit for me. I am in a shitty spot right now and have been considering fucking ending it all. I recently lost my job after this fucking bitch did this and a close family member of mine recently passed.

I do not know what else to do.

This probably will not make me feel any better but at least I know it will scare the shit out of her and quite possibly fuck up her finals week, which would be fucking incredible.jpg

Info: pastebin / 5xZMqJrm

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File: 366680e46c0ba05b640f55838(...).jpg (480x538 - 35KB)

cringe thread

353 125
File: w5915148zh_1.jpg (600x600 - 186KB)

No drinking thread lets fix that.
What you lot drinking tonight?
What do you guys even do while drinking alone at home? Lately I've just been listening to lofi music while reading manga and drinking for max comfy times.

Pic is what I'm drinking tonight, cheap and surprisingly tasty.

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File: IMG_20170910_114451.jpg (638x639 - 38KB)

Reaction thread

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File: 0d8f55a9b735854511e7a6433(...).gif (245x306 - 1949KB)

I'm back bros

It's been a while since my last post about my situation. I'll give you the greentext of it for the ones who didn't read the thread from before.

>Mother caught me watching rekt videos
>Told her I think they are relaxing
>Arguments about my sanity and empathy began
>Was told to see a therapist
>Was angry and didn't think anything through before I said no
>Talked to bros and calmed down
>bros convinced me to go to the therapist
>And now were here

I've seen my therapist a few times since then and made good progress. We talked about why I find these types of videos relaxing and about my mental stability. I'm not a violent person and I don't get angry quickly. I don't see any problem in watching gory videos to relax and my family and I are getting along much better now.

P.S rekt bread

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File: twisterlevel10000.jpg (1024x597 - 44KB)

Can somebody legitimately explain why this cop was found not guilty?

>No shitposting
>No arguing
>No trolling

Just a good ol honest discussion of why or why not this shooting was justified.

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File: cumslut.jpg (871x1250 - 408KB)

Pics you shouldn't share

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File: 1441600792459.gif (243x310 - 1987KB)

Where is rekt thread?

Here we go

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File: Screenshot_20171210-215743.png (1920x1080 - 978KB)

> movie guessing game
> Easy mode
> Take screenshot at 5.55

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