File: IMG_0219.jpg (4032x3024 - 1261KB)

Hey d,
Here is a story for you guys

>be me
> 2 years ago
>browsing dscuz
>this girl keeps bugging me on fb
>pretty sure she is into me
>I asked you guys if I should date this girl
>d says yes
>in a relationship for little over a year
>in beginning though she is just very shy
>just fucking stupid
>Lets call her Kate
>really good looking tho, a real cutie 9/10 body 7/10 face
>thinking of trying to get a smarter girl whilst still together with Kate
>no luck, the only smart ones that are into me are 5/10
>couldn't get a boner on a 5
>Kate is still studying but having major difficulties barely pulling though
>she has hinted that she wants to live together with me
>doubtful as if we do live together she probably won't be able to find a job and will be living off me
>often feels like she is a child in a woman's body
>doesn't have general knowledge of basic things
>the worst thing is that my friends and family doesn't approve of her as they consider her dumb and childish

Here is my question would you date a good looking girl even if she is dumb as a rock?
My main issue is the fact that I'm spending a lot of time on her and idk if I should just dump her and invest my time in finding someone hot and intelligent.
Also, if you want i can post short stories of what she is like

35 19
File: IMG_2017_11_09_392.jpg (640x1136 - 143KB)

Last night, I cheated on my boyfriend with a black guy.

I can't stop thinking about it. He made me feel so good. I've never experienced pleasure like that before. He fucked me for 2 hours.

I think I have to break up with my boyfriend. It's sad and all, but now that I know what I've been missing, I don't think I can ever be happy being in a relationship with him.

He's just too inadequate physically. I had no idea what great sex was until today.

30 4
File: 9xum0tjza7101.jpg (1111x989 - 265KB)

YLYL / YLYP - You laugh, you post

270 146
File: 21740009_1015936853765558(...).jpg (768x960 - 60KB)


278 78
File: 4208899.jpg (750x563 - 54KB)

friendly reminder:
this guy got a wife, house, and kids.
and you can't do that because you're too beta

110 29
File: drugs.jpg (480x360 - 35KB)

If you could have unlimited quantity of a single drug (synthetic or natural), what would it be and why?

I'll start. Kratom, because of various positive effects (relaxation, euphoria, opiate-like sedation, stimulation) at different doses and because it's not very harmful.

248 19
File: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_b(...).jpg (1024x1365 - 134KB)

girls you find hot

77 65
File: DPxbaTeW4AE3I1a.jpg (901x1200 - 152KB)

hookers. Used to be on backpage, now it looks like a bot graveyard.

where do i find girls online now? i'm in a major city if that matters

62 10
File: 685783b561b260bbb71292d82(...).jpg (768x1280 - 283KB)

Post saves from destroyable io

200 94
File: 1514496239167.jpg (619x775 - 150KB)

Hey d what happened to your bullies?

I keep fucking tabs on mine to this day

>Elementary school bullies
>One is dead as a result of abuse from his father, happened when he was around 12
>The other now works as a fireworks salesman at the age of 30, still lives at home with his widowed mother

>Middle school bullies
>One dropped off the face of the Earth after being forced to attend a drug camp/rehab type thing after his parents caught him smoking pot
>One is now a cart pusher at Walmart
>One is now a CSM at Walmart
>One killed themselves at 22

>High school bullies
>One became a dealer and later apologized to me for what he did. I forgave him, he had a really rough life
>Three of them now all work in the same garage in town
>One works as a driver for air gas
>One now attends the same college as me, she is pursuing a gender studies major.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science.

How about you anons?

42 4
File: chimpo.jpg (408x684 - 83KB)

Can you believe this?

300 17
File: 5f91701f-9257-454c-82d7-3(...).png (899x1600 - 1460KB)

ITT: Post a pic of your gf. Others reply to your pic and ask questions.

151 73
File: 20180119_132604.jpg (2560x1920 - 801KB)

You guy's want to watch my friend hurt himself with drugs, alcohol, and a tattoo gun? He's here with me now... Uh, shooting heroin in my room...

This is his first time on dscuz, why don't you all give him a warm welcome?

This is him hurting himself.


He also said he'd let me post a picture on him injecting something into his arm if you all requested it.

Let my friend know what you think about him! :)

36 7
File: 1452474283651.png (500x282 - 169KB)

>oldfags give youngfags advice based on mistakes / past experiences

General life tips

169 25
File: 1418809960708.jpg (640x730 - 96KB)

Why is being attracted to plump, fat asses considered a black thing?

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