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Incest thread: ever fantasised about a family member anons? Ever acted upon it?

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File: 1519052917085.jpg.jpg (795x1006 - 194KB)

Most beautiful girl you've ever seen

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File: Screenshot_2018-02-19-13-(...).png (1380x1436 - 1225KB)


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File: 1422597251219.png (612x616 - 1030KB)

Post women with perfectly cute faces

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File: DTyx3sCVAAAuao.jpg (750x1000 - 82KB)

Asian girls

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File: FDE4F8FB-2D93-497A-9CBD-D(...).jpg (617x549 - 68KB)

Pics you shouldn’t cont

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File: 1519057637494.jpg (3000x2250 - 855KB)

Twink/ Femboy thread

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File: images (1).jpg (290x174 - 9KB)
images (1).jpg

Where's your favorite non fast-food burger joint? Americans only!

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File: 1517477225749.jpg (1024x768 - 108KB)

Pale skin thread?

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File: 1519008966293.jpg (960x960 - 155KB)

You Boner You Lose
Try me faggots, none of you could find anything that could even make me chub. Especially if its not a webm or gif. You fuckers have terrible taste in women, goddamn

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File: rtspjs3-1-_sq-101362531d1(...).jpg (300x300 - 28KB)

I think I've overcome my fear of death. I'm only in my mid 20s but have stressed over the thought of dying since middle school. Growing up in a pretty strict religious household made thinking from different perspectives difficult. Now though, I'm 99% ok with death being the final curtain.

I've started to appreciate the idea that everything that is came from random chance. There's a certain beauty to that; improbable circumstances turned into something beautiful.

The 1% thing I still get compulsive thoughts about is how all my skill sets and the things I learned will mean nothing once I'm 6 feet under. The second that blankness starts, all the things I've learned and loved ceases to exit.

I'm drunk as fuck so I hope what I said is comprehensible.
>feels thread too

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File: gunieagrass.png (1080x562 - 659KB)


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File: voodoong1ger.jpg (1024x681 - 135KB)

help d.

I've been fucking cursed. someone that practices black magick has been hexing me and spites me.

ever since I met this guy, he's been a fucking weirdo and I had a string of bad luck ever since.

I tried LSD with him, and he did a tarot card reading on me. next thing I noticed is my PERSONAL knives go missing and I believe he took them because he was the only one in the car.

he also said in our trips after taking nitrous oxide that he cursed some people and he has powers as a shaman.

the fact is, I think I pissed him off and he retaliated by placing a fucking curse on me. ever since then I lost my fucking job, got into drugs, and could never get interviews despite by stellar gpa nd references.

how do I counter this curse? should I confront him about it?

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File: 1518901814695.jpg (539x619 - 43KB)

hottest pic u got


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File: doof2_400x400.jpg (400x400 - 13KB)

ITT: we plan supervillain schemes

>be me
>steal shipping containers of potato chips from cargo holds
>go to grocery store
>bring portable sonic cannon
>go to snack food isle
>use weapon to shatter all the chips in their bags into dust
>return to lair
>corner the chip market on a ridiculous markup

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