What is dscuz?

dscuz is a message-board where you can express your opinions and share your thoughts while still remaining anonymous.
The name dscuz is short for discussion.

Where can I read the rules?

By using our service you automatically agree to the rules.
Please make sure to keep yourself up to date with the rules, as they might change anytime without notice.
You can read our rules here.

What is the image/message limit?

Currently there's no limits on how many replies or images a thread can have. You are free to upload as many files as you like.

When will a thread be deleted?

At the moment we do not delete threads or replies unless they do not comply with our rules.

How do I attach a file to my thread/reply?

You have the option to attach a file when creating a new thread or reply. You can do this either by pasting the URL for the image or by choosing a file stored on your computer. To upload a file from your computer, click the “Choose file” button when creating a new thread/reply or simply drag the file into the dialog.

What kind of files are supported?

Currently we support the following file-types:

jpg, bmp, png, gif

mp3, mp4

mp4, mov, ogg, webm

What is the limit for the files I can upload?

The size limit for files is currently 100MB.

I've been banned and cannot post

Our rules are very simple, so our moderators ban users that does not comply with our rules.
If you think you have been banned by mistake, you can appeal your ban using this form.

I have an idea for a feature

We’re always looking to improve our service.
If you have an idea or request to functionality or stumble upon a bug, please let us know.
You can report any issues, ideas or request by using our contact form.

Privacy policy

We only your ip-address which allows us to restrict the access for users that are not complying by the rules.
We use Google Analytics and other third party integrations on our website which might track your visit.

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