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Asian girls

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File: 1519545047139.png (460x430 - 365KB)
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File: IMG_23536.png (1096x804 - 928KB)

post your fav pale nips

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File: 6-1024x680.jpg (1024x680 - 171KB)

Claire thread? Claire thread.

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File: 1516067665728.jpg (1000x1500 - 327KB)

How long do we have before humans don't interact with eachother at all? I could see a future were woman are replaced by dolls and we as a species halt our baby crazy mentality. Like damm there are nearly 8 billion people on this planet.

Also someone should sauce a link for the cite she is being sold on... for science reasons

Thread q's

>dolls better or worse
>if in a relationship, would you own one to reduce chance of making a tiny human
>sharing stories about sex doll/fleshlights
>opinion about sex dolls with ai

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File: sexbot.jpg (720x762 - 39KB)

now that women are obsolete d, what dream will you be chasing with all your extra time?

Side question, with a lack of what's wrong in this world do you think this will bring some form of racial cohesiveness given there are no need for women who create these problems?

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File: 1522984847508m.jpg (577x1024 - 87KB)

More pics you shouldn't

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have you ever fucked a landwhale? what was it like?

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